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"Our Environment is No One's Property to Destroy; It is Everyone's Duty to Protect"

"Our Environment is No One's Property to Destroy; It is Everyone's Duty to Protect"

Our environment’s biggest enemy is the CHEMICALS we use in our day-to-day life. We are surrounded by Chemicals everywhere in our daily usage. For Ages, We are trained by corporates to use products having Harmful Chemicals. We are using those chemical-based products knowingly or unknowingly and causing enough damage to our Environment. ECO MARVY brings the Change that Society needs now. 

With 100% Natural Ingredients, We are making an important statement that Natural Cleaning & Pest Control kits are more effective than chemicals-driven commercial products. Adding more to the effectiveness, our vision to make a chemical-free environment started happening now which we can see with the changing mindset of our beloved consumers. 

"Our products are with thousands of people in India who understand & prefer NATURAL ingredients for its effectiveness, indirectly creating less damage to our Environment"

Starting in the year 1992, we started our parent company PEST RID NATURALS, in a very modest way by serving our esteemed customers for their various pest control needs our main concern was to use less toxic chemicals rather than using hazardous pesticides even though we were using less toxic chemicals we still felt that a large amount of chemical residue was left in each premise that was treated, this guilt in us motivated us to carry out extensive research on various natural options to eradicate the pests. 

In the year 2007, due to god’s blessing and our continuous hard work, we generated a path-breaking invention in the industry, with the help of international companies, we invented various natural pest control products to fulfil our customer’s needs. 

"Let us Join Hands to Leave a Healthy & Hygienic world without chemical residues to our Next Generation"

Successfully for the past 15 years, we have been using only natural products according to the needs of our customers and we are proud of ourselves for developing close working partnerships with our clients and being appreciated for our exclusive NATURAL PEST CONTROL concept. 

In the year 2014, we realised that this good initiative must reach to larger sections of people. Our main obstacle was manpower and other expenditures to overcome this hurdle, we have come out with the FIRST OF ITS KIND in India, the innovative idea of DO IT YOURSELF NATURAL PEST CONTROL, wherein we provide economical HOME CLEANING & PEST CONTROL PRODUCTS in the Brand Name ECO-MARVY, we are confident that this concept which we have started will render magic to our environment and people at large. 

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