Ecomarvy Natural Toilet Cleaner – Best Alternative to Harpic | 2024

Do you know cleaning the toilet is one of the biggest tasks in the home? People will get irritated when seeing the untidy bathroom. 

Chemical cleaning will not apply for this and take lots of time and might result in a mess.

Everyone wants an instant solution and they will definitely go for Harpic, Domex, and other toilet-cleaning acids.

So this question is for who is reading this blog right now. Are you aware that your skin gets attacked using chemical toilet cleaners? 

Are the regular toilet cleaners safe to use? Are chemical toilet cleaners safe for the environment? It may clean the toilet but the smell and the toxic chemical ingredients may affect the nose and cause breathing problems. If It is not safe what is the alternative

There are always equal and opposite reactions Head -Tails, Negative -Positive, Bad- Good, likewise Chemical -Natural. What is a better alternative to Harpic? A product with zero chemicals is meant to be a better harpic alternative.

This is almost Common people question the toilet cleaner liquid job to sanitize a toilet but how can the natural toilet cleaner reach that level? In this case, you want to know about the best ingredient, Neem. Neem has been the best disinfectant for centuries this disinfectant has been used by ancestors. 

In ecomarvy Natural toilet cleaner neem oil plays a major role. Point blank Ecomarvy toilet cleaner is an Alternative for Harpic. You can use there is Zero harmful in Ecomarvy products mainly ISO Certified.

In modern-day chemicals may give a solution but in the olden days natural remedies have equivalently given the solution and to be frank, our ancestors used that. We contact many people like lab technicians for natural remedies to make chemical-free toilet cleaner liquid.

What are the problems caused by all chemical toilet cleaners like harpic?

Chemical toilet cleaners like harpic

Chemical toilet cleaners like Harpic and  Domex contain harmful chemicals. These Contain ether sulfate, Cetrimonium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, and other acids. You can’t find this chemical in natural toilet cleaners.

Beware of this, Chemical toilet cleaners on longer usage create.

In the new research article in the American Thoracic Journal, the women who used chemical cleaners have faced a greater decline in lung function.

Nowadays chemicals have become normal and can easily destroy the atmosphere. If you go to the bathroom and sniff the smell your nose gets pungent and ends up in breathing trouble.

Why Should you prefer natural toilet cleaners over Harpic?

There are so many alternatives that will clean the toilet. The person who is searching for natural and prefers natural toilet cleaner they are living in a peaceful mindset.

Most of us do not know the right natural alternative product and continue to use that toxic chemical spray.

The truth is that natural toilet cleaner can give the same result but the process is different, safer, and can be the best alternative to chemicals.

Some people are delighted and feel safe while using natural toilet cleaners.

Here are some user reviews after using the right natural product.

Review of Ecomarvy product

How Ecomarvy becomes the best toilet cleaner.

Ecomarvy started business in 1992 At that time there were so many chemical products in that market. From that start to now they have been using one formula Yeah! Natural You can’t figure out any chemical in this product. Ecomarvy toilet cleaner is made of rich ingredients and is safe for humans and the environment. Currently, ecomarvy has 5000 + customers who love natural products.

In-depth cleaning process:

Toilet cleaning liquids are targeted to clean the tough stains in the toilet and clean maximum germs in the bathroom but some of the normal toilet cleaners won’t achieve that. Our product is 100% realiable and cleans the hard stains in the toilet.




The top ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender oil, and essential oil are present in these cleaners and they give extra fragrance and feel good in your toilet.

Using this, we have used Lemon grass oil in our toilet cleaner to keep us and our house free from Infections.


Lemon is the best ingredient to clean internal stains in the toilet. The aroma of the lemon does not influence humans. 

It cleans all kinds of stains without acid and protects us from germs and diseases.

Natural surfactants:

Due to the use of natural surfactants, it does not foam much and is completely absorbed.


Toilet cleaning liquids can range in price, Natural toilet cleaners may be quite a bit bigger but the many ingredients are used in natural toilet cleaner.

But also view the comparative table and see the difference between ecomarvy and other toilet cleaners.


Categories Harpic Domex Ecomarvy
Price Rs (500 ml) 99 114 136
Ingredients Toxic chemicals like Sodium hypochlorite Toxic chemicals like Cetrimonium Natural Ingredients like Essential oil, lemon, Neem oil, and No added Chemical fragrance.
Health Issues Can Damage Skin Can Damage Skin Safe to use
Eco-friendly Unsafe for Kids and the Environment. Unsafe for Kids and the Environment. Safe for Kids and the Environment.


So there are many chemical toilet cleaners If it is used it will be a disaster for you and the environment. The cleaned vessel water will connect to the drainage system and it will be directly connected to the sea then the living things in the sea will destroyed. If you are using chemicals you are destroying something. Go greener Go Natural.

So This question is for You. Your Toilet is cleaner safer for us?

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