How Toxic Are the Chemicals in Our Daily Cleaning Products ?

How Chemicals are toxic in the Our Daily Cleaning Products

We use toxic products in our day-to-day activities like washing clothes & vessel cleaning And keeping the chemical home cleaners products in the kitchen, Close to children. We are unaware of the evils caused if you keep toxic products and detergent cleaners in the kitchen. Cylinders can cause detonation because detergent cleaners contain acid, bleach, and foam regulators. Toxic home cleaners are very harmful to children and cause skin allergy rashes. Chemical cleaners contain corrosive chemicals that can cause severe burns if cleaners splash on the children’s eyes or mouth, which will cause serious health issues. Toxic cleaning products contaminate the air with carcinogens, hormone disruptors, neurotoxic solvents, mood-altering chemicals, and reproductive toxins. In this article, We will see How Toxic the Chemicals in Our Daily Cleaning Products.


  1. Butoxyethanol (2-BE)
  2. Nonlyphenolethoxylates (NPES)
  3. Phosphates
  4. Sodium lauryl sulfate
  5. Triclosan (TSC)

Did you know What happens if you use chemical cleaners?

Using chemical cleaners in daily activities will affect our health and environment.

Chemicals in common house cleaners and causes of health are:

Bleach :


Bleach can be used to clean the toilet quickly and contains the chemical sodium hypochlorite. Using the chemical cleaner will affect our eyes and throat and cause ASTHMA, esophageal injury, and stomach irritation, and once splashed on our skin will cause skin allergy.

Laundry detergent :

Laundry detergent

From washing clothes to using detergent smells a fragrance. But it causes nausea and asthma. Easy to clean stains. Detergent contains acid that will affect our skin and is not safe for kids because It is very harmful to children as their skin is very soft. Due to the high amount of foam, the water released from it affects our environment.

Floor cleaner :

Floor cleaner

Floor cleaner to clean the floor like glass. Using this will cause asthma and cancer, chemical cleaner smell affects our lungs. toxic cleaners are very dangerous for our pets. If we use it every day, it will affect our lungs like smoking.

To prevent harm to toxic household products :

Avoid chemical cleaners and use natural home cleaners safe for our kids, pets, and environment. Natural cleaner zero added fragrance 100% natural contains ingredients so safe for our lungs. Plant and mineral-based formula Release harmless fumes.

Do you know how toxic home cleaners affect our environment?

Yes! Using acid, the toxic fumes will spoil our fresh indoor air and cause air pollution. Washing clothes with chemical detergents can harm green plants and vines. So our nature is affected. If there are no trees there is no rain and if there is no rain we have no water. A man can survive without food but cannot survive without water. Thus We are forced to buy water And air, which is freely available to us as a gift of nature. 

What is the solution :

To protect ourselves and our environment, we should avoid using cheap and chemical home cleaners. It will clean up quickly but the damage will cost a lifetime. Do we need toxic cleaners like this? Think about this article and how much we didn’t know how to live with this guide and learn to use natural home cleaner products. We will preserve our environment in a natural way for future generations.

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