Man vs Termites – Natural Ways to Keep Out Termites

Natural Ways to Keep Out Termites

Oops! Is your home or your shop completely having a termites problem? Cool! Take it easy, Here are natural ways to keep termites from your shop and home. Termites spread disease and also affect the wood and Table in your shop or home. Termites can be adapted to it and when a termite enters your home or shop it will be a complete disaster. In such cases, there are natural ways to keep out termites from your Carpenter Shop. Anti-termite treatment at home should be alarming if you don’t have the proper information. We’ll show you some natural ways to get rid of termites step-by-step.

Know Your Termites before Getting Rid of Natural Ways 

Two types of termite

Important to know about termites and the two kinds of termites that can affect your wood and furniture.

  • Subterranean Termites
  • Drywood Termites

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites can live in both wood and soil. These types of termites can cause severe damage to wood and also affect home furniture.

Drywood Termites 

This is like brotherhood to Subterranean termites. Dry wood termites live inside the walls, types of wood, slabs, and doors.

Both of them are dangerous to humans and the house. This termite lives inside dry furniture. So, better to know Natural Ways to Keep Out Termites

How to Identify Termites in Our Home?

When there is sawdust on the wood keep looking out closely to whether the wood is in the proper condition or if any holes are there in the furniture. Mud-tube appearances on walls or any other things in the home are a symbol of subterranean termites.

As per experts’ help, there are some DIY natural tips to get rid of termites. These are the alternatives for the chemical.

😊Tip 1 – Sunlight Helps to Prevent the Wood from Termites

Sunlight Helps to Prevent the Wood from Termites

Exposing the termites to sunlight is one of the best ways to get rid of them naturally. When a moist or dust particle occurs in a room there will be a change to termites to letting in. Sunlight is the enemy of the termites. Leave your termites-affected table or wooden furniture for three to four days. Termites can survive in the heat and they will die easily. It is the easiest way to get rid of termites and the best chemical-free way.

😊Tip 2 – Try a Cardboard Trap for Termite Control

Try a Cardboard Trap for Termite Control

A cardboard box trap is an effective way to get rid of termites. You can naturally get rid of termites using an object like cardboard. Inside the cardboard, there is cellulose present in them so the smell of cardboard protects and the termites can even stay.

😊Tip 3 – Boric Acid

Boric Acid for termites

To Maintain your furniture clean and moisture-free, try mixing boric powder and water. Spray the mixed boric acid into affected areas at your home or shops.

Point blank you can also combine this method with cardboard for a better result.

😊Tip 4 – Oil Treatment


Oil treatment is also the best way to get rid of termites naturally. Neem oil is the foe for termites and micro bacteria are also very useful for wood termite treatment. It is a combination called d-limonene and can easily kill termites and just 4 pours of oils can give the best result.

😊Tip 5 – White Vinegar


White vinegar is an effective way to get rid of termites naturally. Combine the white Vinegar and lemon juice, mix them and pour into the termite’s affected areas.

😊Tips 6 – Natural Product

Ecomarvy Natural Product

Natural is available online but you want to confirm whether it is 100 % natural. Natural termite control liquid is the alternative to a chemical product. Lots of people prefer chemicals to natural ones. Using chemical products is okay but natural termite spray is equal to chemical products.

Chemical Products might repel termites but most harmful to kids, pets and patients. Whereas Natural Ways to Keep Out Termites will repeal 100% and which is completely safe for humans or contact natural termite control service to get rid of termites completely.

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