Best Garden Spray in 2024 | The Story Behind Our Garden Spray

The Story Behind Our Best Garden Spray 2023

Many pesticides and chemical garden sprays are there to act against the pest. Drastically it will kill the pests like bedbugs, termites, etc. And the earthworm too. Earthworms are friends with plants and farmers. So the product should kill or repeal the foe and not our ancestors. Sometimes chemical pesticides also destroy plants. The pesticides should repel the insect and not kill insects or destroy the plants. The Best Garden Spray should be unique while repealing and best smelling odor.

So how do we stand one step forward compared to other pesticides? Ecomarvy garden is always natural and safe for kids and pets. Mr.Anto Fernando has the best vision to solve garden pests but in a natural way.

We have Done Many Experiments on plants.

We have Done Many Experiments on plants

Moreover Plants grow from the process called photosynthesis. Obviously it requires sunlight and water for growth. Like humans, plants also needed moisturizing to grow. So, the pesticides are applied to the plant to repeal the bugs. The pesticides should be completely natural that’s our vision too. We have done many research work to get the formula. Also, We did experiments on plants, Whether the plants were safe while we applied the spray. At the same time, It needs to repeal the insects on the plant. But We love challenges.

DayPlantsRepel Insects %
Day 1 Safe100%
Day 2 Safe75%
Day 3 Safe60%
Day 4Safe50%
Day 5Safe45%
Day 6Safe25%
Day 7 Safe10%

We always never back down from challenges and vision once it happens.

How Our Garden spray Attracted Our Customers?

How It Attracted Our Customers

People hate pests and insects. They search for the chemical garden spray to eliminate the pest in the garden. Chemical product may kill the pest but is harmful to kids, humans, and pets, and leads to many skin problems.

EcoMary is a chemical-free product that is safe to use and people are ready to buy natural products. But How? That is the journey of us. Our first step is towards always going for natural it’s purely opposite to chemical.

Then it attracted our customers and mainly natural lovers. So it’s easier to find our customers. These are the common point they like in our product.

  • Ecomarvy is eco-friendly
  • Ecomarvy is chemical free
  • Ecomarvy has Natural Ingredients
  • Best Garden Spray

User Turned into The Regular Customers.

User Turned into The Regular Customers because our best garden  spray

The People give value and green cards to natural and sustainable products. Yes!! still, they exist. Even though our natural garden spray contains many natural ingredients. Firstly, the people want to believe that this product is reliable and trustworthy. So we traveled a lot in Chennai and gave samples to the customers and got feedback

Feedback 1 of Garden Spray
Feedback 2 of Garden Spray
Feedback 3

This gives us more energy to move forward; Certainly first-time users are now regular customers.

Finally they are buying our Eco mary natural product. We make the client happy, and the environment clean and obviously we go for the green.

Therefore Go, Greener!!!!!

So This is the success and stepping forward for more. Live Natural and live healthily.

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