How to get rid of lizards permanently?

How to permanently get rid of lizards

In India, the lizard makes any sound that denotes a lucky sign. Was that right? Without a doubt the lizard is an annoying little creature that carries bacteria. It is also poisonous and creates an unhygienic environment. Lizards make humans in trouble (YFD) Yellow fungal disease. Lizards are intimidation for women, kids time, and sometimes for grown men. So How to permanently get rid of lizards? How to overcome that intimidation. Take a deep breath and drink some water!! Stay hydrated. Here are the effective ways to get rid of lizards at home naturally.

Which Thing Attracts Lizards to Your Property?

Do you know where the lizard lives? Absolutely yes!!In your yard, In your home, In your garden. The lizard will ruin your property when you leave the lizard for a couple of months. Not only lizards, other pests like termites, roaches, and rodents are concurrently attracted to the unclean places. Sometimes animal food chains can put humans in trouble. So, How to get rid of lizards permanently in your home .Actually it’s trouble making right?

For Example, Lizards will get attracted to spider webs if not cleaned with the web broomstick frequently.

Moreover, some extra things will also attract the lizards. Follow up with us more.


Have you noticed? Lizards will crawl around when furniture or a table has dragged after a long gap. Lizards enjoy a place like dark and low-temperature. It will be in restrooms and darkrooms. Liz will try to vanish when you turn on the light.


Lizard in water

Check twice or twice when you drink the water or use it. Lizards will drown in open water which is outdoors. So when you see a lizard in water please never use it.

Waste Food in the Kitchen.

Waste food in Kitchen

Obviously, It is attracted to food in the kitchen, table, or on the ground. Perhaps lizards eat insects & spiders. they’ll also consider food. So Clean the food in the kitchen and table frequently and put it in the dustbin so that lizards will not get attracted.

How to Check Whether the Lizard Is in Your Home?

How to Check Whether the Lizard is in Your Home

So how to identify or inspect the lizard on the property? These are the recommended tips for follow-up.

Check Your Walls and Pillars

As I have said, lizards love to be in cool places to live. Check the furniture, dark room walls, and pillars and clean them once a month. If you see any holes or cracks in the pillar please try to fix them.

Hiding Places-Clutter

When a clutter-like store room has not been opened or cleaned a day means a lizard will be there on the window screen, etc. Inspect the door and window therefore the lizard is present or not. Otherwise, the waste of the lizard will be in the window so that you can find the sign of the lizard easily.

How to Get Rid of the Lizards?

How to Get Rid of the Lizard

Cleaning Your Property Rapidly.

At least clean the wall with the broom twice a month. Try to keep your kitchen clean and neat. Use a closed dustbin and change the cover regularly, also consider the washroom. 

Place Naphthalene Balls to Rid of the Lizard.

Place naphthalene balls to rid of the lizard

The best way to how to get rid of lizards permanently is naphthalene balls which create dizziness for lizards and sometimes for humans. Be careful while using it. It is so dangerous for kids and pets. You can place the naphthalene balls in the kitchen cupboard where the kids and pets can’t reach.

If you are not satisfied with naphthalene balls, there are many natural products available to get rid of lizards.

Use Natural Lizard Repellent.

Use natural lizard repellent

There are highly useful garden spray and lizard-repellent ready-to-use spray that contains natural ingredients but it is cost-effective. Otherwise try some DIY methods like EGG shell (Lizard hates this and this method makes the lizard sick), onions and garlic, etc.

So Which one are you going to try? Drop your comment below.

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