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  • 5L Organic Pesticides for Plants, Chases By Odour & Taste
  • 100% Natural Ingredients & Time-Tested Product
  • Highly Safe for Kids, Elders & Pets on Daily Usage 
  • All EcoMarvy Products are Bio-Degradable
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Cost-Effective & Strictly External Use Only 
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EcoMarvy has introduced a 5 Litre of Organic Pesticides for plants the most effective formulation with natural ingredients, a ready-to-use spray to eradicate the disruption caused by unwanted plants pest. As it is the best plants pesticide & one of the cost-effective plants pesticide organic in India It contains only natural ingredients & zero chemical agents, efficient for your property, agriculture fields & plot areas. 

  • 5 litre concentrate (can be mixed with 20 litres of water).
  • 1 kg of natural dust.
  • 5 litre Pump spray.

EcoMarvy’s 5 Litre plants pesticide for organic : User Instruction

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Measure 250 ml of our Plant Pesticides for Organic with 750 ml of water.
  3. Spray thoroughly in the areas of infestation. Hiding places, Vegetation and along the periphery of the building. 
  4. Apply both sides of the leaves, stem and soil, once a month
  5. Apply a little amount of dust in all the places of infestation.
  6. Repeat the process thrice at intervals of once in Fifteen days.
  7. Always Close the lid tight and store the 5L best Plant Pesticides for Organic Can in a cool dry place.

Few Natural Ingredients we use to prepare Organic Pesticides for Plants :

  • Essential Oils :

Peppermint oils are the best essential oils to control pesticides in our property. The combination of saltwater and Peppermint oils spray on the roaches’ areas in the back yard. You will see the difference in one day.

  • Neem oil :

                            Neem is a natural remedy.  The presence of neem oil keeps insects from dying. Due to the presence of neem oil, worms cannot enter the Yard.

  • Garlic :

              Garlic water to spray in our Back yard to control pests. It helps to grow our plants.

  • Lemon:

                     Using lemon to spray in the Back yard helps to avoid bacteria and fungus in the garden area. Lemon oil aroma does not influence humans. Since lemon contains citric acid, it cleans all kinds of stains without the use of acid and protects us from diseases. 

  • Dill and Cilantro:

Planting more Parsley, Dill & Cilantro can be the right solution for pest control as it will attract animals that feed on pests. This is included to repel pests from the Garden.

Benefits of using Our product:

  • Best Organic Pesticides for Plants
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Biodegradable
  • Cost-effective 
  • Natural ingredients & zero chemical
  • Efficient for gardens, agriculture fields & plot areas. 

EcoMarvy Vs Chemicals

  • Safety for Everyday Use :

✅ Eco Marvy Products are 100% Chemical free,Non- toxic and safe for daily use.

❌ Prolonged usage & Exposure to Chemical products would cause severe Health problems

  • Allergy-Free :

✅ Zero chemicals make Eco Marvy products Allergy- free

❌ Chemicals such as Acid ,Bleach & Phosphorus are highly toxic causes deadly diseases.

  • Pleasant Aroma :

✅ Eco Marvy products have food & therapeutic essential oils that give a naturally pleasant  aroma 

❌ Non essential chemical added only for fragrance purpose should create severe respiratory issues

  • Zero Residue, Bio-Degradable:

✅ Eco Marvy products are 100% Non- residual Bio-degradable ingredients

❌ Chemical products are leave high toxic residues that would affect soil,groundwater, & sea water

  • It’s Recyclable & Reusable :

✅ EcoMarvy Laundry ,Floor & Dishwash used water can be reused directly to water plant & garden

❌ As Chemical products residues are toxic in nature, reusing and recycling cannot be done


FAQ : Natural Garden Spray

  • Will your garden spray affect plants & trees life?

No, We are using plant & minerals based ingredients so it would not affect plants and trees. It would actually help in improving yield & growth.

Ecomarvy Claims that they are Safe and Natural Ingredients, yet cost-effective, How?

When compared to other natural products, EcoMarvy products are more affordable and cost-effective, so everyone can able to purchase this product. Our mission is to achieve
Green India. So our margin is reduced, by reducing the price to benefit all people.

  • Are EcoMarvy Products Bio-Degradable?

All EcoMarvy Products are Bio-degradable as they contain 100% natural ingredients and zero chemicals. Bio-degradable products are our Identity.

  • What are the payment methods?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, net banking (within India), UPI(Gpay, PayTM, PhonePe, AmazonPay) and Cash On Delivery.

  • How to track My Order?

Once you place your order, we will send you an email/Whatsapp with a link to track the order status.

  • Do you Charge for Shipping?

We Offer FREE Shipping for Orders above ₹499/- for all types of payments (Credit, Debit, Netbanking, UPI) except Cash On Delivery. Yes, If COD is chosen, Shipping Charges will also be added.

  • What is your shipment period?

We will delivered within 3-4 working days. If any unexpected delays contact us Helpline: +91 9025 172 172 Email:purchase@ecomarvy.com

  • Do you have presence PAN India?

Yes, We are delivering all over India.

  • Do you have Cash On Delivery Option?


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15 Reviews For This Product

  1. 15

    by santhoshi

    Protects my Garden from pests damaging my plants. I am happy with ecomarvy spray

  2. 15

    by Dibya

    I’m from Delhi. I’ve always been natural lover and everything i prefer mostly is organic. This ecomarvy garden spray as they mentioned it is natural and works good in my terrace garden.

  3. 15

    by Avinash

    Good preventive spray

  4. 15

    by Petter

    first i wish to say thank u to eco marvy, for helping us in saving my garden

  5. 15

    by Manish

    It really works

  6. 15

    by Preethika Sharma

    eco marvy pest control products are genuinely solving the problems. I tried with Garden spray, cockroaches and mosquito repellents so far.

  7. 15

    by Vikram

    Excellent, Effective, and Easy to Use

  8. 15

    by Parthi

    Good support i got from ecomarvy team when i got few doubts on efficient usage.

  9. 15

    by Sam

    Best natural pest kit, the garden spray i need to protect my terrace garden.

  10. 15

    by Deepali

    Nice quality, I was recommended by my friend to buy this product only. Unwanted pests are off now. Having a good experience in my farm.

  11. 15

    by GOPI

    Very easy to use

  12. 15

    by vaishali Arora

    I love this garden spray.💕💕

  13. 15

    by john

    My garden insect’s problem today is solved good product.

  14. 15

    by vamshika

    garden spray gives easy solution for safeguarding my small garden and repels away unwanted insects. good product. just use it right way it does the magic

  15. 15

    by vanitha

    Extremely benefitted. My long search for natural garden spray ends by finding this ecomarvy garden spray. Kills unwanted pests as expected. Simply Loving it.🤞

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