Natural Home Cleaners VS Chemical Home Cleaners Which Is Best?

Natural home cleaners or chemical cleaners

Do You Know How many people are using chemical cleaning products in this world? Yup! According to the IMRC report The India household cleaners market size reached US$ 7,537 Million in 2022. Still More than 90% of people use chemical cleaning products, and 10% use natural cleaning products. In our daily life, we all use toxic products in every activity such as toilet cleaning, vessels, and cloth washing. It may seem effective right now in the long run, but it spoils our health as well as the environment. We have to see about this article natural home cleaners vs chemical home cleaners which is best.

Natural vs Chemical product users stats

Most people resort to chemical home cleaners only because they are unaware of the dangers they pose to them. So we have to know the importance of eco-friendly cleaning products. But how do we understand? After some chemical cleaners are used, we understand the harm caused by it. There are so many natural cleaners or services there! But we frequently prefer chemical cleaners and service though. To understand which one is better, here we listed in detail both natural home cleaners & chemical home cleaners 

Chemical Home Cleaners :

Chemical home cleaners

Chemical products are quick to clean but it will cause health issues. and it is also available at a low price. If you use acid to clean the toilet within minutes it is reflected, It causes severe respiratory and skin-related problems. There are four different types of cleaning agents commonly used by housekeepers in private houses Detergents.

  1. Degreasers
  2. Abrasives
  3. Acids

If we use chemical home cleaners in our daily life it will make our version foamy.

Advantages of Chemical Cleaners:

  1. Easy to clean the stains on vessels 
  2. low in price
  3. Instantly clean the toilets
  4. Clean the cloths effectively

Disadvantages of Chemical Cleaners:

  1. While using acid to clean the toilet it affects our eyes and throat
  2. Washing clothes with chemical cleaners will damage the skin and cause skin allergy 
  3. While using chemicals it will release toxic fumes which creates respiratory problems
  4. It is very harmful to children and pets. 
  5. Moreover chemical cleaning products damage the environment because they contain acid chlorine ingredients
  6. It causes diseases like asthma and ammonia

Natural Home Cleaners VS Chemical Home Cleaners:

Natural home cleaners

If we use natural products in our daily life, it helps us to keep our environment safer and more pleasant, as it contains zero chemicals. Therefore Prefer a product which is completely a natural product and 100 chemical free. So it is safe for environment ,kids and pets.

Advantages of Natural Home Cleaners:

  1. Absolute Plant and mineral-based formula
  2. Natural aroma decalcifies effectively
  3. Removes stubborn stains naturally
  4. Essential oil-based fragrances 
  5. 100% septic and environmentally safe
  6. Biodegradable & Ecofriendly
  7. Releases harmless fumes
  8. Very safe to use for kids, pets, plants & garden
  9. Nature’s indoor air quality
  10. Zero chemical zero allergies

Disadvantages of Natural Home Cleaners :

  1. Slightly higher cost than cheap chemical cleaners 
  2. No Added Artificial fragrance, only natural aroma

For example :Using natural products to wash our clothes can use the water that comes out of the clothes to grow plants, it is highly safe for kids and pets.

Live a disease-free life by using nature in our daily life. It will keep your home clean and your surroundings safe. This is how we can give a precious gift to our future generations. So In this information wise natural home cleaners VS chemical home cleaners which is best will get a awarness.

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