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  • 1L Natural Lizard Repellent for home, Office & All Premises
  • Best Anti-Lizard Spray, Chases By Odour & Taste
  • No Need for Vacating Premises
  • 100% Natural Ingredients & Time-Tested Product
  • Highly Safe for Kids, Elders & Pets on Daily Usage 
  • All EcoMarvy Products are Bio-Degradable
  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Cost-Effective & Strictly External Use Only 
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EcoMarvy has introduced a 1 1-litre Lizard Repellent for Home called LIZ RID, a formulation with natural ingredients, a ready-to-use spray to eradicate the disruption caused by lizards. As it is the lizard-repellent & anti-lizard spray in India and contains only natural ingredients & zero chemical agents, efficient for gardens, agriculture fields & plot areas.

  • 1 Litre concentrate (can be mixed with 10 litres of water).
  • 500 gms of natural dust.
  • 100 gms of roach gel.
  • Trigger spray

EcoMarvy’s 1 Litre Liz-Rid: User Instruction

  • Shake well before use.
  • Measure 250 ml of our Natural Repellent for Lizard with 750 ml of water.
  • Spray thoroughly in the areas of infestation. Hiding places, light fittings entry points like door and window frame areas.
  • Apply the gel in small quantities in the infested areas after one week from the date of initial spraying.
  • Apply a little amount of dust in all the drains before going to bed, and avoid using water after dusting.
  • Repeat the process thrice at intervals of once in Fifteen days.
  • Always Close the lid tight and store the 1L natural lizard repellent for home Can in a cool dry place.

Few Natural Ingredients we use to prepare Lizard Repellent:

  • Neem oil :

Neem is a natural remedy.  The presence of neem oil keeps insects from dying. Due to the presence of neem oil, worms cannot enter the house.

  • Garlic :

Garlic creates repugnance in lizards. The smell of garlic is quite severe for lizards. Not everyone likes the smell of garlic and the pungent smell of garlic may be hated by many but the truth is it is good for intake and good for the skin too.

  • Essential Oils :

There are so many essential oils like tea tree oil, etc. You can spray the tea tree oil in the window, cupboard, and every corner of a home. Eucalyptus oil plays a major role in repelling mosquitoes and creating the best environment.

  • Clove:

                        Cloves are the natural aromatic fragrance ingredients. The smell emanating from it will not attract the insects but will make them dizzy.

Benefits of using our Lizard Repellent :

  • Best lizard repellent for home formulation with natural ingredients
  • Ready-to-use spray
  • Anti-lizard spray contains only natural ingredients
  • Cost-effective organic pesticides
  • Highly Safe for Kids, Elders & Pets

EcoMarvy Vs Chemicals

  • Safety for Everyday Use :

✅ Eco Marvy Products are 100% Chemical free,Non- toxic and safe for daily use.

❌ Prolonged usage & Exposure to Chemical products would cause severe Health problems

  • Allergy-Free :

✅ Zero chemicals make Eco Marvy products Allergy- free

❌ Chemicals such as Acid ,Bleach & Phosphorus are highly toxic causes deadly diseases.

  • Pleasant Aroma :

✅ Eco Marvy products have food & therapeutic essential oils that give a naturally pleasant  aroma 

❌ Non essential chemical added only for fragrance purpose should create severe respiratory issues

  • Zero Residue, Bio-Degradable:

✅ Eco Marvy products are 100% Non- residual Bio-degradable ingredients

❌ Chemical products are leave high toxic residues that would affect soil,groundwater, & sea water

  • It’s Recyclable & Reusable :

✅ EcoMarvy Laundry ,Floor & Dishwash used water can be reused directly to water plant & garden

❌ As Chemical products residues are toxic in nature, reusing and recycling cannot be done


FAQ : Natural Lizard Repellent

  • Does Liz-rid repel lizards without killing them?

Yes, Eco-marvy Lizard Repellent does not kill lizards, it just repels lizards.

  • Can Ecomarvy Liz-Rid repel both lizard and spider simultaneously?

Yes Eco-marvy Lizard Repellent is used to get rid of both lizard and spider at the same time.

  • Ecomarvy Claims that they are Safe and Natural Ingredients, yet cost-effective, How?

When compared to other natural products, EcoMarvy products are more affordable and cost-effective, so everyone can able to purchase this product. Our mission is to achieve
Green India. So our margin is reduced, by reducing the price to benefit all people.

  • How about coupons and any offers?

You can use EcoMarvy’s product coupons and avail offers, the coupons we display in the home page banner & respective product pages for your reference, Coupons are valid only up to the validity date mentioned.

  • Do you Charge for Shipping?

We Offer FREE Shipping for Orders above ₹499/- for all types of payments (Credit, Debit, netbanking, UPI) except Cash On Delivery. Yes, If COD is chosen, Shipping Charges will also be added.

  • Are EcoMarvy products Eco-friendly?

Yes ,Eco Marvy products are eco-friendly because they do not contain toxic chemical ingredients.

  • What is your shipment period?

We will delivered within 3-4 working days.if any unexpected delays contact us Helpline: +91 9025 172 172 Email:purchase@ecomarvy.com

  • What is the cancellation policy?

A request to cancel the order will be accepted only if the product has not been shipped by us on the date of the request. If accepted, you will be entitled to a refund of the entire amount.

  • Do you have presence PAN India?

Yes, We are delivering all over india.

  • Do you have Cash On Delivery Option?


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15 Reviews For This Product

  1. 15

    by Vinay singh

    We have to do the spray once in 10 Days for 3 times in one month to keep lizards out completely. I would rate 4/5.

  2. 15

    by Goushik

    Good keep up the quality. It really works.

  3. 15

    by Mishra Sharma

    Lizard repellent nice

  4. 15

    by Lalith

    lizard spray was applied to my home. no irritation sensations

  5. 15

    by Sulthan Basha

    I am very much uncomfortable with lizards, this repellent helps in getting out my fear of entering kitchen or restroom.

  6. 15

    by Nalini

    If you are sensitive to chemicals, i suggest ecomarvy,

  7. 15

    by Sujit

    Excellently made lizard repellent.

  8. 15

    by Saraa

    Monthly twice I use this spray, It smells very strong, i am not seeing lizards anymore?

  9. 15

    by Dharshan

    Already I used to eco marvy-cockroach killer, its awesome product so I purchased lizard spray.

  10. 15

    by Varun Prasad

    It’s a good eco-friendly spray, much recommended

  11. 15

    by Prasanth Goyal

    My sister recommend this eco-marvy repellent and I used many products before, but it literally helps me to .

  12. 15

    by Karishma walia

    I am really impressed

  13. 15

    by Pooja nalkari

    So Useful to keep my home free from lizards and ants

  14. 15

    by Ajay

    I am a gym trainer having my gym @ arumbakkam chennai, we were facing many complaints from trainees on lizards. Tried many solutions, but ecomarvy does solve the issue. It was an headache for me, now am much relieved as i couldn’t see any lizards and there is no compaliants for few weeks. Thanks to ecomarvy.

  15. 15

    by omisha

    nice product, am free from lizards now and problem solved in a week. .thanks a lot.

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